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Update Memoriav2
by ADM

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Update Memoriav2
<center><font color="Black"><h2></font></a></h2><h2>
- add queen of memoria (Boss) may drop some items from the
- fix potion (the more mlvl, the more mp/hp).
- fix commend !wand (use "!wand help" For more info).
- add lottery event every 2 hours one person receives 50
premium points.
-add time event anyone who spends 1 hour online will
automatically receive a gift.
- add metin event (stone attack random time) need kill
stone to get nice reward.
- add new spells at Lvl 500
- add new commend !afk on,!afk off,!color.
- add new commend !aura on , !aura off.
- add new 8 bosses
A lot More Soon!
23.10.19 19:27:27